With years of involvement in the cargo business, Pleasant Logistics is known for offering solid and proficient air-freight cargo sending service all through the world.

Our airship cargo services are offered from each significant worldwide airport over the world. We even book sanctioned flights to goals over the world to service every requirement for our customers. We have built up isolated branches and partnerships abroad for greatest reach. Our customers gain advantage from the comfort of management by locality. With an astounding system of operators who are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we guarantee a timely and affordable transfer of merchandise to the desired location.

Special Services

  • Worldwide Aircraft

    Our productive relationship with worldwide aircraft organizations expect to offer most minimal - price, travel time, settled designations and lift limit of bearers in each real exchange path and their capacity to add effectiveness to our customers' inventory network administration.

  • Sufficient Warehousing

    Today, we are among the biggest Air Cargo operators in India. We additionally help our clients save a lot of cargo by appropriate direction, strategies, solidification, group-age, contracting and so forth. Pleasant Logistics has sufficient warehousing offices for their air-load as well.

  • Documentation and Protection Services

    With our coordinated service offerings, we offer full documentation and protection services, distribution center space, and further transportation as required. We guarantee that the fastest, most productive and practical transport cycles are kept up, while guaranteeing the safe conveyance of our airship cargo merchandise.

Why Choose Pleasant Logistics?

  • Direct and union airship cargo services
  • Import and Export custom leeway services
  • Pickup of payload from any area of India
  • Mastermind airfreight from the closest air terminal
  • Wide selection of aircrafts and timetables
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