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The logistics business is immense.

It covers an extensive variety of services that all affect how an item gets from the manufacturer to the end-user. Regardless of where your business fits in the generation and shipment line, it's surely a smart thought to discover how an item gets from Point A to Point B. Here we will investigate diverse sorts of logistics services and how they may affect your business or clients.

Surface Logistic

We provide easy, safe, timely and reliable logistics for small to medium sized businesses

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Air Freight logistics

Having a strong network of interconnected airports globally for efficient services.

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Logistics by train

Efficiently handling bulk shipments through world?s second largest railway network.

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Bike Logistics

Experienced bike logistics provider for local and interstate transport through scooters

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Hand Carry

Simple, quick, easy and reliable mode of transport for important documents.

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Cab Service

Cab services for transportation of small to medium sized goods.

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Small Truck

Efficient services for transportation of medium sized to large sized cargos.

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Reverse Logistics

Safe, efficient, customized and effective reverse logistics provider.

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Secured Logistics with the never seen before OTP system

We have a unique system to provide secured logistic services. While placing the order, the customer receives the OTP. On receiving the consignment, the receiver needs to give this OTP to the delivery man. This is how, the order is considered to be complete.

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