Transportation in transmission is the foundation of logistics, appropriate time bound schedule must be kept up in the entire cycle of consignment management, with transportation being the prime parameter.

As per the nature and the volume of the products, appropriate method of transportation must be timely available at the transfer of logistics supplier.
Pleasant Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Provides wide range of distribution services to businesses ranging from small to medium size. This gives customer's facility to book the consignment as per their needs. Regardless of whether it is door to-door conveyance of your goods or the need to send time constraint load crosswise over India, its unmatched multimodal management, offers consistent network by various modes to bring your shipment down to the last mile.

Planning & Skilled Resource

A few customers likewise need you to deal with their distribution to their sellers, perfect planning and skilled human resource is fundamental for this action. Pleasant Logistics Pvt. Ltd. will deal with this last phase of last chain with most ideal approach to keep up our image name in the market.

Cost Effective Arrangements

Pleasant Logistics is creating cost effective arrangements that match the necessities of the client and has constantly created products/services to suit the prerequisites and help client to diminish distribution cost and increment in proficiency.

Special Services

  • Time Commitment

    We are committed to time and provide time based services to deliver timely services. We provide timely delivery through installation crew, manpower management, just-in-time inventory management an regularly schedule the freight.

  • Branches and working places

    Our various workplaces and branch offices at different locations around India are the pillar of strength in our distribution network.

  • Vehicle tracking System

    We have an efficient and advanced tracking system to track the current status of the vehicles which carries your shipment.

  • Easy Administration

    We provide personalized service to our clients to help them with the legal and other type of documentation work. We save the clients from hectic administrative procedures by sharing their load of administrative tasks.

  • Transport Security

    We have various camera and alert alarms that track the safety and security of your consignments in our transportation vehicles. We also have number of cameras that cover the entire parking yard at our working locations.

Special Solutions

So, stop worrying about your shipment with Pleasant Logistics and take a tension-free sleep. What are you waiting for? Just ship through us and transfer all your worries to us. We promise not to disappoint you!!

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