Why Choose Pleasant Logistics? We will tell you!!


Highly secured logistics service provider. We have camera at various workplaces and office. We also have cameras in various logistics vehicles. We have unique OTP security system which marks order completion.


Services provided by Pleasant Logistics are affordable. They are cost effective. We promise the cheapest rates for given service within the selected locations.


We believe in delivering services speedily. Our strong network of workplaces ensures that the shipment reaches the receiver speedily.


We consider your shipment as our sole responsibility. We believe in delivering the shipment with care. We don't throw away the shipment roughly and take utmost care that the shipment doesn't get damaged.

Remote Places

Pleasant Logistics has a strong network and great associations with freight service providers. Due to this strong network, we are able to reach even the remote places where usual service providers can't reach.


We consider delivering the shipment before time. But if not possible before time, we make sure that the shipment is delivered within the pre-mentioned deadlines. We strive hard to make sure that the shipment reaches the receiver timely.


Our team is highly dedicated in providing you the best user experience. We strive for perfection and diligently work towards making Pleasant Logistics the best and most user friendly system for its valuable customers.