Railway transportation is especially maintainable, as well as speedier than shipping and less expensive than air freight.

But, it is not generally conceivable to utilize rail transport for the entire journey. We in this way handle the cargo and final conveyance keeps running for you and joins a few methods for transport to shape multi-modular transport chains. We have tri-modular rail ports accessible at a few areas for this reason.

We have the required system to transship your merchandise from ship to rail or from railway carriers to trucks, for instance, and can lift even the heaviest burdens. We can likewise effortlessly handle the transshipment of your merchandise from the ordinary gage to the bigger expansive gage. We have our own particular office at different areas in India.

Our railway expert at Pleasant Logistics creates and handles rail coordination ideas with you for cargo sending, traffic in system, supply chain management and footing. Accordingly of participation and cargo agreements all over India, we pool streams of products and offer the best solutions and ideal conditions. You can take after the information identified with your railway shipments through our IT interfaces and our consignment tracking system everywhere.

Special Services

  • Pleasant Logistics organization

    As per the ability that has been gained at the Pleasant Logistics organization, which was established in 2010, we are in a position to deal with trains crosswise over India.

  • Significant Concentration

    The significant concentration of our own railway operations is in India where Pleasant Logistics has its base camp all over India, as well as has its own working bases in different areas. We have built up a main market position in cross-fringe activity utilizing close contacts and collaboration courses of action.

  • various industries

    The organization pulls trains comprising of a wide range of products like mined merchandise, coal/steel, foodstuffs, autos, compound merchandise and holders. We handle long-separate movement, as well as offers "last mile" and shunting services at various industries.

The organization's normal clients incorporate mechanical firms, railway administrators, cargo forwarders and private or state railway organizations.

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